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Finding the most effective English Certified training course is invaluable for any international company. With so many options to choose from the risks are high, but so are the opportunities for investing in a successful English training franchise. Choosing the right English course provider, or franchise to own, can be daunting.

The unregulated nature of the teaching industry in most countries leads to a worrying variation in the quality of training, which in turn leads to an uncertain return on investment for most companies.

The quality of education and value of your trainer provider comes down to two factors: the teachers and the courses. Although the quality of service from a language trainer provider also plays a part, in terms of return on investment it is the quality of teachers and courses that make the difference.

1. Finding the right teachers

Many companies put blind faith in their training provider, hoping they will provide the right person for the job. Too often, this causes disappointment when the dazzling teacher promised in the sales pitch turns out to be rather dull. Teacher CVs are sometimes the only thing you can rely on but, with 115 years of training expertise, Direct English provides essential guidance to partners about choosing the right teachers for their business.

Moreover, Direct English offers a Teacher’s Manual for all practitioners to make sure all Direct English centres provide a consistently high standard of teaching in terms of organization, method, and engagement.

2. Choosing the right courses

The English your sales team needs is distinct from the type of language required by management, or customer services. So start by deciding what aspects of English your staff need to focus on. Do they email regularly? Meet customers? Give presentations? Write reports or proposals? Mainly use the telephone? It is important to find out whether your English certified training provider will use modern business technology to teach modern business techniques, how they plan to motivate your staff, and how interactive their course will be.

3. Ensuring bespoke, flexible English training

Your training provider also needs to show how they will assess your staff. For example, will they organize your trainees into groups? Avoid providers who propose to mix trainee abilities in large classes. This can seriously compromise quality by failing to provide adequately for individual learning objectives.

Training is more effective if your classes are small, and trainees are divided based on their level of English and specific job responsibilities. That is why Direct English offers a flexible programme and a placement test that enables each student to find their ability level so they can plan their bespoke course accordingly fitting in with their available time.

Finally, make sure you clearly define your objectives, and choose the provider who shows you specifically how they are going to meet your objectives through enjoyable, professional, communicative English certified training delivered by friendly, qualified, and dedicated teachers.

About Direct English

Direct English is the highly successful English training franchise, available worldwide from Linguaphone. The courses are flexible and organized across eight stages, with additional foundation and business English stages. It comes with a Business English program that adds to the powerhouse of the overall Direct English learning system. Provided by the Linguaphone Group, its unique methodology has already helped thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication worldwide through a network of Master Franchise partners.

Direct English delivers world class English language training for all abilities and all purposes: from university students to young professionals and corporate executives.

To own a franchise in Mexico, Brazil, Latin America or to see other available countries please click here.

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