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The Linguaphone Group’s world-renowned English language program for adults, Direct English, is now available in Bahrain, following a prestigious launch event that took place yesterday in the presence of Mr Russ Dixon, Deputy Ambassador at the British Embassy in Bahrain.


Established in Bahrain in 2002, Tylos Human Development (THD) specialises in providing globally recognised training programs and have ten years’ experience, expertise, and local and international market knowledge. THD have been appointed the exclusive Direct English Master Franchisee for the Linguaphone Group’s premium English language program for adults. With this exclusive license from the Linguaphone Group, THD will offer Direct English across Bahrain, targeting both the individual and corporate English language training markets.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Russ Dixon, Deputy Ambassador at the British Embassy in Bahrain said: “It gives me great pleasure to be here today to mark the launch in Bahrain of the most effective English language program worldwide. Direct English provides first-class English language training for all abilities and is brought to you by the Linguaphone Group, the global language training provider working in partnership with Tylos.

“English is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ skill. Today it is a ‘got-to-have’ skill for everyone who wants to get the most out of today’s world – either for business or pleasure. From success at work, to getting more from your next trip abroad, learning English opens up a world of possibilities. I am therefore proud to welcome this strong British-based program to Bahrain”.

Mr Derek Price, Chief Executive Officer of the Linguaphone Group and Direct English also speaking at the launch said: “The Linguaphone Group has a strong tradition of delivering English language programs across the Middle East, through a network of franchise partners. We are delighted to welcome Tylos Human Development to the Linguaphone Group with the launch of Direct English today”.

Ms. Dalal Al-Folath, Manager of Direct English Bahrain concluded: “Tylos recognises the integrity, effectiveness and success of Direct English around the world. With its unique system and undeniably supportive team at the Head Office, it is our honour to bring Direct English to Bahrain”


Created in 1997, Direct English is based on a unique learning system developed by the internationally renowned education authority on English language, Louis Alexander. Direct English is published by the UK – based Linguaphone Group. It combines highly interactive bilingual materials, with a program of personalised tutorials and conversation classes and already delivers world-class English language training for all abilities through a network of licensed partners across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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