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Linguaphone Group, the global UK-based language training provider, has today announced a joint English language training partnership for India with Birla Shloka Edutech Ltd from India and the Melewar Group from Malaysia, all thanks to introductions by the UKTI in both India and Malaysia.

At a launch today in Mumbai, Mr. Yash Birla, Chairman of the Yash Birla Group and Mr. Tunku Iskandar, Group Managing Director of the Melewar Group signed an exclusive joint venture agreement with the Linguaphone Group to act as the Master Licensee for India and develop the Group’s Direct English prestigious language training programme across the country.

Birla Shloka Edutech Limited is a diversified education solutions provider currently reaching over 800 schools and 6500 teachers across India with multimedia learning aids, interactive teaching tools, ICT solutions, audio visual learning set ups; a well researched scholastic, arts, physical education and life skills curriculum; teacher training workshops, school audits and education facility infrastructure solutions.  Birla Shloka Edutech Limited is setting up progressive preschools and K-12 Schools, Teacher Training/Resource Centers, Super Specialty Colleges and undertaking whole/ partial school transformation projects across the country.

The Melewar Group meanwhile is a Malaysian business conglomerate, founded in 1963 with a strong commitment to training and education. Working together they will bring Direct English to both corporate and retail markets alike across India.

This new partnership was made possible as a result of the Linguaphone Group engaging UK Trade and Investment to research and identify potential partners for their Direct English programme in India.

Speaking at the event, Derek Price, Chief Executive Officer with the Linguaphone Group commented:

“English is now the most widely taught foreign language worldwide and essential for international business and communication. Combining two already strong forces in the Asian training market, this new partnership is a significant development for the Linguaphone Group’s ongoing expansion of Direct English across Asia and we look forward to working together to bring Direct English to India.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the UKTI in both India and Malaysia for their invaluable support in helping make this partnership possible.”

Yash Birla, Chairman of the Yash Birla Group said:

“English has always been a major contributing factor in the growth of the Indian economy.  There continues to be a significant need for all cross sections of society to be well versed in the language.  We were looking for a product that addresses this fast growing requirement of a diverse nation.  The Direct English program, with its ‘whenever and wherever’ approach, uniquely meets this requirement – hence the tie up.”

Tunku Iskandar, Group Managing Director of the Melewar Group remarked:
“Many countries, even without a colonial history, are promoting English because clearly those who could communicate in English found themselves facing a much brighter future, including the wide range of employment options being opened up in the international arena.

“The Melewar Group, having already introduced Direct English to Malaysia and Singapore, is very pleased that the Linguaphone Group has agreed to also allow this joint venture between the Melewar Group and the Yash Birla Group to bring Direct English to India.”

Created in 1997, Direct English is based on a unique learning system developed by the internationally renowned education authority on English language, Louis Alexander. Direct English combines highly interactive bilingual materials, with a program of personalised tutorials and conversation classes, and already delivers world-class English language training for all abilities through a network of licensed partners across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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