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The Linguaphone Group, a UK-based global language training provider with over 100 years of experience in the language training market, is visiting Franchise UAE next week to promote MENA-wide Master and Unit Franchisee opportunities for their two English language training franchises – Pingu’s English and Direct English.

Speaking at Franchise UAE 2012, Sarah Cole, Head of Marketing with the Linguaphone Group will highlight the experience that the Group has developed in the Middle East over the last 12 years; working with companies and entrepreneurs alike, who are keen to capitalise on the lucrative language training market across the region.

The Group will promote Master Franchise opportunities in markets including Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Unit Franchises for markets including UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait also exist.

Direct English is the Group’s English language training franchise for adults, helping thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication – English. Created in 1997, Direct English is considered to be one of the most effective English language training programs available and has already proved to be a huge success across Asia, Europe and particularly the Middle East.

Pingu’s English is the Linguaphone Group’s three-level children’s English language program based on the popular HIT Entertainment children’s character Pingu. Already transforming the way young children learn English, the franchise already operates in over 20 countries worldwide including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus. In the Gulf alone, Pingu’s English has recently launched in Abu Dhabi, with a launch following in Kuwait in the New Year.

For more information about franchise opportunities with the Linguaphone Group, visit Stand 45 at Franchise UAE 2012 or email to arrange an appointment.

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