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1.When was Direct English established?

Established in 1997 as a flexible and collaborative alternative to existing models, Direct English builds on over 115 years of experience from the Linguaphone Group.
Find out more about our company history here.

2.What’s unique about Direct English?

From our extensive business support to our leading offline and online learning resources, Direct English truly stands out from the crowd.
Find out what makes Direct English a unique business proposition.

3.How much do the Master Franchise rights cost?

We ask all Master Franchisee applicants to maintain sufficient capital to cover:
• One-off license fee
• Royalty fee
• Stock payment
• Set-up and ongoing business costs
• Free license renewal after 10 years
These costs vary widely by region. Please contact us for further details.

4.Which business models can I choose from?

Choose from business models including:
• Developing a network of Direct English training centers, either corporately owned or sub-licensed
• Delivering in-company training
• Program licensing
• Exploiting government training tenders

5.Are Master Franchise rights exclusive?

Yes. If you are accepted as a Direct English Master Franchisee, you’ll become the exclusive provider for your region.

6.How long do the Master Franchisee contracts last?

We grant Master Franchise rights on a 10-year basis.

7.Which territory rights are still available?

Exclusive Direct English Master Franchise rights are currently available in national markets across Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. Find out which markets are still available here.

8.What business support will I receive?

As a Master Franchisee, your dedicated business development manager will arrange a comprehensive business support package, including:
• Ongoing business consultancy
• Professional marketing and PR support
• Digital business resources
• Management manuals
• In-country training program

9.What training will I receive?

You will receive a personalised in-country training program and be invited to a Management Workshop in London. Combined, we’ll equip you with all the skills you need to train successive generations of teachers. As a Master Franchisee you’ll receive
• Business training
• Teacher training
• Marketing campaigning
• Market positioning
• Competitor analysis
• Marketing planning
• Business planning

10.Do I need previous English Language Teaching experience?

No prior experience is required. All that matters is that you have the ambition and skills to develop Direct English in your region.

11.How is teacher training organized? What IT infrastructure will I need to run a Master Franchise?

Direct English uses advanced digital resources to enhance the learning process. You can find information on specific IT requirements in the Disclosure Manual provided during the evaluation process.

12.What are the benefits of franchising?

We’ve prepared a dedicated page that tell you everything you need to know about franchising.

13.How can I become a Master Franchise partner?

We’ve prepared a host of handy resources to help you apply to become a franchise partner with ease.
Haven’t found the answer you’re looking for? Contact our friendly team now.

14.And if I am interested in English schools for Kids?

As well as Direct English, the Linguaphone Group offers a Master Franchise program for our pre-school English language program, Pingu’s English. An effective English language course for ages 3-8+ years, Pingu’s English is based on the world famous and much- loved character Pingu. Our unique syllabus combines imaginative activities with multimedia resources, and delivers first-class English language training to pre-school children worldwide.
In late 2017, Pingu’s English will also launch a three-year full-time kindergarten curriculum, in partnership with Kingston University, based on our popular Pingu's English brand. Interested to find out more? Email us at

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