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Starting 2018, LGL Indonesia conducts Training & Gathering event for all centers and Unit Licenses of Pingu’s English and Direct English in Indonesia.
The training & gathering were conducted two times in a year. The first one was held in February 2018 named LGL Annual Trainng, and the second one was just done in September 2018., called LGL Reinforcement Training.
We invited every unit licenses and centers to send their Center Managers, Teachers, and Program Consultants to join the training

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LGL Indonesia Reinforcement Training

Over 30 Teachers, Program Consultants and Center Managers from 7 Direct English and Pingu’s English centers in Indonesia attended this year LGL Indonesia  Reinforcement Training held in Jakarta. The training was the second UL gathering happened this year.

The two –day event took place on the 19th and 20th September 2018 in LGL Indonesia Head Office, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. The venue is also the location of Direct English and Pingu’s English Kelapa Gading Center, as well as the Pingu’s English first Preschool in Indonesia.


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