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Developed exclusively by renowned language training expert Louis Alexander, our teaching method combines written, audio, video and interactive elements to help you learn English in the way that suits you best.

Direct English is possibly Alexander’s greatest contribution to language teaching; combining an innovative training system with uniquely composed learning materials.

Unique to Direct English, our course materials are bilingual to ensure you are focused on learning English without having to struggle to understand what it is you are learning and why. As a result, you’ll maximise your comprehension of the language skills acquired, as well as build that all-important confidence you need to speak it.

Each level of your course covers a wide range of learner resources to keep you interested and motivated. Developed exclusively by leading English language and education specialists, and designed for use within your local Direct English training center and at home – a new, upgraded edition of our corpus has just been released for 2012.

Integral to the Direct English system is unlimited access to Direct English Online: our unique, multimedia online learning portal that will allow you to practice you English wherever and whenever you choose.

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Learner Resources

We’ve developed an advanced selection of interactive learning materials to help you engage with your studies.

Many of our materials are stored on our student learner portal Direct English Live! enabling you to practice English whenever and wherever you want.

The Study Guide:

To facilitate autonomous study.

The Course Book:

Lessons are in English only and divided into key parts.

The Companion:

The companion is your go-to document for completing course exercises.

Instructions are provided in the ‘Language Study and Practice’ section that will tell you how best to complete various learning activities.

The companion gives you a preview of each unit in advance, and a checklist that confirms the skills you’ve gained once the unit has been completed.


In-class Material

Our academic textbooks and other written learning materials are all bilingual; a unique method that helps you gain confidence by ensuring you understand exactly what it is you’re learning.

We’ve designed Direct English course materials to match our teaching methodology, with innovative, practical and intuitive resources to suit students of every level.



Learn English online

Our Direct English Live Platform truly sets us apart from other training providers, allowing you to practice English whenever and wherever you are.

Depending on the course you select, you can gain access to the following resources upon enrolment:

  • Daily English
  • Online learning modules
  • Direct English Interactive (DEI)
  • Direct English Learning Management System (DE LMS)

Go Direct English Live! now


This suite of premium learning materials includes:

  • Mock tests
  • Interactive fluency building program
  • Interactive activities and quizzes
  • Multimedia study aids

English test materials

Our digital testing materials enable us to teach to your strengths, and give you visible evidence of the progress you’ve made.

We’ll help you choose the course option that’s right for you using an online ‘Placement Test’, then set further tests every three units to make sure your language abilities are developing as planned.


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